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“It feels like we have won the art lottery!"

Jennafer Kwat,
The Women's Collective

“The artwork causes people to stop and discuss what they are seeing.  I have noticed with the art quilt/mixed media that students, families, and guests stop to look at the stitch work and examine how the fabric pieces are assembled and organized.  With the photograph, Fairy Tale, I have heard people wonder aloud where the photo was taken, and ask about what the children are looking at and/or looking for. The art adds a special dimension to everyone’s day and encourages each of us to slow down, take a moment to reflect and to actively interact with the works through our thoughts and words. With heartfelt thanks for your gift of enduring beauty."

Debi Alexander, Director of Development,
PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families
"Love is Love," a photograph taken during the March in DC is talked about often at Second Story. It has helped our clients to know that our program is an accepting place, and more than one person has proclaimed it a cool photo!"

Meghan Huebner, LMSW, Vice President
for Residential Services, Second Story

“I decided to participate in ACCR’s program because I think that having seriously and genuinely made (as opposed to "factory", contract, in-bulk, made) artwork available to everyone in places where it is accessible to them is so important and I thought this program would do that, even in some small way. I like to think about that the artwork I created as being out in the world and seen by people who may not otherwise have the time, resources, or the luxury to set aside time to view the artwork. Instead, the artwork has been brought to them and put in a place where they are already going about their lives.” 
Christina Barrera, Contributing Artist

“The LAYC is so fortunate to be part of the Art Connection’s program.  Such a great experience from beginning to end - viewing the artwork, meeting the artists, choosing our pieces and finding the best place to display them at the LAYC. Our artwork adorns the LAYC walls for our youth, their families and our guests to enjoy every day.  Thank you ACCR for a great and lasting idea to bring the best of our regions’ artwork into non-profit organizations throughout the region.”                       

Lori Kaplan, President & CEO,
Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)

“The presence of artwork at the Franciscan Center has definitely made a difference in the common areas of our Center. People have beautiful artwork to look at while they wait in lines for clothing, food and other services. The art has brightened up the entire building and contributes to our mission to provide a dignified and respectful sanctuary for those that come to us for help.” 

Christian J. Metzger, Executive Director 

Franciscan Center

“The artwork has really made the space we use everyday much more engaging and beautiful.   I see many of our clients looking at the artwork either trying to "figure" it out or just enjoying it while waiting for an appointment.  I feel the artwork provided by The Art Connection really helps our clients feel better about themselves, it is not just something that is nice to look at, but it can help people heal, engage,  and recover for many of the difficult issues they are dealing with every day.  We feel grateful to have these pieces of outstanding original artwork accessible to all of those that we serve.” 


Mario Berninzoni, Executive Director
Arundel House of Hope


"Our clients and guests have said the artwork is a blessing and great complement to the space. The pieces lend to the tranquility and feel of hope provided by the space, especially the large painting that displays a row of homes." 


CRC Program Manager
Arundel House of Hope

It makes it very nice to come into the clinic and volunteer each week and I think the patients really like it because it is so beautiful.”

Clinic Volunteer Nurse

Arundel House of Hope

“On behalf of LIGHT Health and Wellness, its Executive Staff, Board of Directors and the many children and families we serve, we are so thankful for the gracious donation of breathtaking artwork that we are using to brighten up our agency’s new home, allowing us to fill each empty space and create the warmth and peacefulness we desire to emulate. Each piece of art tells a different story to all, visualizing its beauty is the refuge and high point of our days. Again, we say thank you for your consideration and support of LIGHT."


Regina Johnson, Finance Officer
LIGHT Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc

“Many thanks for your efforts toward our securing the beautiful artwork for our adult medical daycare center.  The diverse works have brought smiles of joy to the faces of our clientele and staff.  We enjoyed the process, which enabled our clients, board of directors and employees to work together to select, secure and display the pieces.  I am confident that this artwork will delight all who spend time in our center for many years to come.  Please give our warmest regards to all of the Art Connection’s devotees. “ 

Mary Gatto, Executive Director 

Progress Unlimited

"The artwork brought light and beauty to the Welcome Center and provided a vehicle for our guests to both connect and interact. Many of our guests commented on how the artwork made the Center a warmer, more inviting place.

Sean Read, Welcome Center Director 

Friendship Place

“The phrase ‘too good to be true’ came to mind when I first learned about The Art Connection in the Capital Region, and the great surprise is that it's even better than imagined! GEDCO provides specialized housing and supportive services, as well as emergency assistance, to individuals and families in Northeast Baltimore. We are thrilled to be able to showcase the work of local artists and to offer people in the low-income communities we serve the opportunity to have creative, original artwork in their environment. This provides them with a sense of dignity and worth, as well as encouraging their imaginations, broadening their scope of knowledge, and inspiring their spirits.” 


Lin Romano, Executive Director
Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation

"We try to make our facility and our environment speak to the value we place on our clients. The Art Connection has helped us do this by providing signed art that we have placed in our lobby and hallway areas. It gives our facility a much more tranquil feel."

Lorene Lake, Executive Director 

Chrysalis House

“We did not know what we were missing until we received the beautiful artwork donations from the Art Connection in the Capital Region.  They have brightened up many rooms, including our children's activity room and lounge.  Even our hallways are more interesting with the artwork hanging there.  The work has served as conversation pieces for staff, residents, and visitors alike." 


Anna Katz, Business Manager
Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

"INNterim is pleased to have the artwork donated by ACCR. The artworks are impressive and add a sense of ethnic celebrations to our living environments. Our residents are delighted to look at the pieces and take pleasure in sharing the artwork with their visiting families and friends. INNterim has become a special place to live. The artwork adds to the care, stability, and peace of mind of our families."  


Millie Johnson, Executive Director
INNteirm Housing Corporation

“Thanks so much to The Art Connection in the Capital Region for their generous donation of artwork.  The works have enhanced LARS’ office making it a warm and inviting place for clients to visit and staff to work.  LARS’ is blessed to be able to view such beautiful pieces of artwork on a daily basis. “

Lori Proietti, Executive Director
Laurel Advocacy and Referral Services, Inc.

“Project PLASE, Inc. has benefited greatly from working with The Art Connection in the Capital Region. ACCR really took the time to get to know us, understand our population and match our needs. Our clients were able to get involved in selecting the artwork, meet the artists and are now living daily with the art pieces. The installation has increased the sense of ownership and pride that the clients have about their living space and its reflection on their journey and progress to a safe and stable future. It is about as complete a service as one could want!” 


Mary C. Slicher, Executive Director

Project Plase

“Having this support from the Art Connection means so much to us here at DASH.  It is an acknowledgment of the need for a safe and nurturing sanctuary away from the chaos of domestic violence.  It recognizes that families in crisis, even those with limited resources, deserve to have access to a rich and beautiful setting in which to heal and move on with their lives.  Everyone here speaks of the artwork so admiringly, it will clearly have an enduring impact on our ability to help survivors recover from abuse.” 


Peggy Hacskaylo, Executive Director

District Alliance for Safe Housing

“There is hope in art. The Art Connection in the Capital Region brought hope to our program. This kind of gift you cannot buy.”

Tom Mitchell, Facilities Operations Manager
Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic

“Our artwork has certainly been the topic of discussion amongst several guests and at times between staff.  We have several unique pieces but our big lovely heart made with copper wire is our main attraction.  A unique piece of work created by Chris Christopherson symbolizing the hearts capacity to love is always a story people want to hear.  And when I tell them the heart has babies they love it!” 


Iden Campbell McCollum, Founder/Dircector

Ida Mae Campbell Wellness & Resource Center

"I am very excited about ACCR's mission and the possibility that my paintings will be seen, and maybe enjoyed, by people who don't get a chance to go to galleries and artists' studios. I myself am always calmed and encouraged by artwork that turns up in unexpected places." Mary Swann, Contributing Artist

Mary Swann

Contributing Artist

“GBAHC is incredibly grateful for the contributions of The Art Connection in the Capital Region. These original works of art, found throughout the recently renovated apartment complex, help make MonteVerde a home--not just a place to live-- for our residents. “

Andrew M. Vincent,
Director of Greater Baltimore AHC Inc.


"Working with The Art Connection in the Capital Region, I was recently privileged to donate a series of paintings to CASA de Maryland for display at their new Multicultural Center in Langley Park, MD.  The Art Connection is a valuable resource in our region, providing vital non-profit organizations with access to works of art typically only accessible to private and corporate collectors.  The artwork is intended to enhance the appeal and prestige of the facilities of ACCR's partner organizations.”

In coordination with the ACCR mission, as artists we often feel that the placement of our work on permanent view, to give the artwork a life, as it's often said, brings the sense of pride and relevance that we've been working toward throughout our careers.  That we are able to see our work appreciated while also serving our community is especially satisfying." 


Eric Garner,

Contributing Artist

“Institutions often have a cold, impersonal atmosphere.  My Sister’s Place humbly began at an old house that was converted to provide safe shelter for women and children escaping violent homes.  We strive to provide our clients with a warm, homelike, environment, as they rebuild their lives.  Families at our emergency shelter, Sanctuary Plus, will be comforted by the warmth and beauty of the artwork created specifically for their temporary home, and they will be reminded of the generosity of The Art Connection in the Capital Region.  We truly appreciate your beautiful and heartfelt donation that will continue giving for years to come.”


Lauren C. Vaughan, Executive Director

My Sister's Place, Inc.

"CASA de Maryland is proud of our partnership with The Art Connection of the Capital Region. Thanks to ACCR, CASA is now able to showcase local art at its new Multicultural Center in Langley Park, Maryland.  We are especially thankful to Julie and the ACCR staff for their hard work. The artwork by artists Gloria Tarasca and Eric Garner work perfectly with our building’s auditorium where English classes, community meetings, and cultural events take place every week."

Maria Clara Samaniego, Development Coordinator 
CASA de Maryland

“We moved into new office space four years ago, but we didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what was on our walls.  As time went on and our mental health program grew, our reception area seemed more and more drab.  Since that space is everyone’s introduction to our agency, we decided to make this area look nice. Fortunately, we heard about The Art Connection in the Capital Region and applied to the program in hopes of receiving original artwork by local artists.  We were thrilled to be approved for six pieces of art.  We had many, many pieces from which to choose.  The staff narrowed it down to the wonderful pieces we now have on the walls in our reception area.  Three of the pieces are quite large, and when they were framed they were striking.  As we were hanging these we had four or five clients waiting to see their psychiatrists.  They were excited about where the art was being placed and how high it should be hung.  They were enthusiastic about all of these new visuals—the size, the color, and the composition.  What they continue to say is that this once-drab space now looks like a real reception area.  They feel welcomed and yet stimulated at the same time.  Staff members also have a new sense of pride in the space they pass through every day.  ACCR made it possible to turn a white-walled box into a great and inviting space.” 

Dennis Hobb, Executive Director
The McClendon Center

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